VG SmartGlass delivers instant privacy, glare, and energy control built into a window

Blinds and shades are awkward, they break, and are limited for energy control. Traditional smart glass is too complicated, expensive and needs power. The VG technology re-invents smart glass. 

  • A fraction of the cost of traditional smartglass

  • No electricity or phase changing materials 

  • Instant switch

  • Patented material & product

The future of smart glass

VG Smartglass is a revolutionary breakthrough in dynamic glazing. A user can make any window to go from clear to dark to dynamically adjust for privacy, glare, and energy control. Current “smart glass” alternatives are expensive and depend on electricity or phase changing materials. 

The VG technology is user controlled, requires no power or phase changing materials, and is a lower cost alternative to smart glass.  Applications range from interior privacy windows to curtain wall applications to automotive windows. Products are currently available for interior privacy vision lite kits and other select applications. Products for residential and commercial windows, along with automotive and transportation glass will be available starting in 2017